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 Circa 1999


Scholar Activism 

Scholarship Done for Lofty Purpose

Missions undertaken by our firm are never accepted for any other reason than to help impact positive change to increase the life chances and life possibilities for those that have been historically socially oppressed. Our founder and team have commited thier life's work to "vangaurding the causes of widows and children, the most vulnerable among us." We have led visible social demonstrations, crafted liberating literature, and developed stealth campaigns that have promoted fairness and progress. We have designed innovative pragamatic approaches to resource provision for those hurting and community communications campaigns for national corporations. We work with companies to increase cultural intellegence and organizations to promote social and community development for impact.


We are the home of Community Valued Research, a term coined by Dr. Hicks, that is actively being developed and utilized as a conceptual framework to ensure that research values the expertise found in the community, and in real ways contributes and invests resources - money - in the community as a main vain and goal of research, ignition plans, community campaigns and programmatic installations we design.        

Our Story

Established in 1998 on French Street in Northwest Washington, D.C., The AfricaLogical Institute has since inception worked to ensure liberating literature is produced by doctoral students, social protest have been developed in creative ways,  notable African impact on the development of our world has been preserved and academic studies have been conducted with a community valued approach. We have provided thought partnership to national corporations and advocacy organizations in the development of strategic campaigns that promote greater cultural intelligence and increase life chances and life possibilities to strengthen community.  

Meet The Team

Our Clients

United Seminary Dayton Ohio Lester McCorn F. Willis Johnson
United Way of Central Indiana
Dr. Ivan Douglas HIcks
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